Thursday, October 9, 2014

Creating and Awaiting Opportunities: Timing Counts

Isn't Autumn wonderful?  Here in the Houston, Texas area, as in many other warmer climes, it is not the harbinger of cold, dark days.  On the contrary, Fall is the herald of gentler, kinder weather, a time when heat and vicious insects are less intense.

We've been preparing for our fall garden.  My new planters box is finally filled with a rich mix of garden soil. 

We've also improved some of the existing beds, enlarging them and adding more soil.  We will probably add more soil to different areas of the garden.  We noticed that the beds we ignored suddenly appear lacking in comparison with those that have been tended to.  That's a life lesson, isn't it?  Fortunately, it's not too late (which is also true in life more often than we think).  We still have time.  It is yet awfully warm for planting or sowing seeds for cool weather plants, especially herbs and vegetables. 

A few before (top two) and afters of one particular area:



They aren't the best comparison photos; I realize that.  But I think they are sufficient to show that the beds are less skimpy, that the planting space is improved.

Some cool weather plants, like Swiss chard and radishes, will grudgingly accept warmer, though usually not hot, conditions.  But some seeds, such as lettuce, might not even germinate if the soil is even just a little bit too warm.  So I think I will give it another week or two in hopes that the temperatures improve for both the garden and the gardener!  In the meantime, we'll probably order that extra soil and draw up new plans for a little hardscaping.  There's never a dull moment in our ever-changing landscape.



  1. Things are looking good at your place! I love autumn. It may be my favorite season. The postman delivered my veggie seeds for my fall garden today. I can't wait to get them planted!

  2. Dorothy, thank you! Happy Fall! I am so excited about my veggie seeds! I look forward to reading about your garden. During my hiatus, I've missed your wonderful blog.

  3. It's nice to see your new garden :-). I am yet to be back in my blog but just thought of letting you know that my website has changed from beautiful boonton to

    1. KL, thank you for stopping by and for letting me know! I've missed you! I eagerly await your new blog!