Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Purple Passion

When we say we love or hate something "with a purple passion", what does that mean?   Although it indicates strong emotion, when I checked out purple on the color wheel, I did not find it a particularly passionate color.  It denotes royalty, wisdom, creativity, magic, and mystery, amongst other things.  I tried then to substitute the various connotative words for the word "purple".  Wise passion (no), creative passion (yes), magical passion (maybe), mysterious passion (?), royal passion. . . .  I liked "royal passion" best, as it sounds rather grand, so I looked up the word royal.  Merriam Webster offered an interesting variety of definitions -- the obvious being "of, relating to, or subject to the crown", the surprising " requiring no exertion", and the most useful for my purpose, "of superior size, magnitude, or quality" and "magnificent".  To love something and especially someone with a "magnificent passion" sounds good to me!

But this is not a romance novel!  This is about my magnificent purple blooms, although true they aren't particularly magnificent at the moment, nor do I have a particular passion for purple.  I like it, though, and certainly enjoy it in the garden.  Strolling amidst the various beds and blooms this morning, I somberly concluded that the gardener is equally to blame with the weather if certain plants aren't looking their best.  Yet most of our plants are well-chosen and finally well-placed and they are tough enough to bloom despite the heat, humidity, and negligent gardener (for shame).

First, the bluebells:

Then the ruellia:

Next verbena:


The salvia begins its comeback from a severe trimming:
And finally, Angelonia:


I feel that it's very appropriate to wish everyone a wonderfully purple week, a week that's wise, creative, magical, magnificent, with as much passion as you wish for!  


  1. Purple is my favorite color. You have some lovely examples of it.

    1. Thank you, Dorothy! There's so much purple out there; I didn't realize!

  2. Your flowers are looking fabulous, so why are you ashamed? I especially like those blue-bells. I think bees love purple (because they can see purple, blue, those types of colors), buzzes around them a lot, and if you go near, they will sting you. So, perhaps from there "purple passion" has come :-).

    1. Thank you, KL! The garden and I need such words of encouragement! I think you make an interesting point about the bees. Our purple basil is always buzzing!